• Add full support for Serviio 1.5
  • Various design tweaks
  • Removed support for as the site has been shutdown
  • Improved protection against invalid server addresses
  • Added an 'Advertise service' action
  • Update build tools and libraries


  • Fixed crash on 10" tablets when viewing Presentation options


  • Requires Android 2.3.3+
  • New Material design
  • Improved first run and add server workflow
  • Improved license upload workflow
  • Added support for Serviio 1.5 Beta
  • Moved the 'Advanced' tab to the left for easier access
  • Added an action to delete all unrecognised devices
  • Simplified app preferences
  • Added Google Analytics to help track app usage (e.g Server versions, common actions, Android version)
  • Re-wrote Serviio API client to use OkHttp
  • Replaced ActionBarSherlock with AppCompat
  • Replaced cling with android-dlna for server discovery
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed crash when connecting to Serviio 1.5 Beta 1/2


  • Updated translations


  • Add support for protecting access to the server from ServiiDroid by setting a PIN
  • Use the Storage Access Framework for selecting a license file to upload on KitKat
  • Improved handling of settings that require Serviio Pro
  • Improved layout spacing on phones
  • Various minor fixes
  • Preperation for Serviio 1.5
  • Changed crash reporting from ACRA to Crashlytics
  • Updated build tools
  • Updated libraries


  • Added support for Serviio 1.4.2
  • Ignore hotfix releases when performing API compatibility checks


  • Added support for Serviio 1.4.1
  • Updated translations


  • Updated translations


  • Added support for Serviio 1.4
  • Fixed license upload button being hidden when connected to a non-Pro server
  • Updated translations


  • Added support for Serviio 1.3.1
  • Updated translations
  • Updated libraries


  • Added initial support for Serviio 1.3
    • Set access rules for new devices
    • Set character encoding for subtitles
    • Only show series in relevent categories
  • Added option to set the bound IP address on Serviio 1.2+
  • Added a note showing which server versions are supported
  • Internal restructuring - you will need to re-add any homescreen shortcuts
  • Fixed the number of new files being truncated when greater than 9999 (#67)
  • Updated libraries


  • Fixed license upload for Serviio 1.2
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed crash when online sources expiry interval is missing


  • Fixed plugin thumbnail size on small phones


  • Added support for Serviio 1.2
  • Improved start up time by not loading settings related data until needed
  • New ServiiDB intergration including the ability to browse content by plugin
  • Improved how presentation data is displayed on large tablets in landsacpe
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated libraries
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed searching for servers when non-standard devices are present on the network
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Translation updates


  • Fixed updating devices when the 'hide unrecognised devices' option is turned on


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Translation updates


  • Added support for Serviio 1.1 Beta 1 (New settings, listing installed plugins, removed option to add a new device, added the ability to change a device's name, native online soruce re-ordering).
  • Added a check against installed plugins when searching using (Requires Serviio 1.1)
  • Added an option to list all online sources from that match the current filters
  • Adjustments to some of the server settings
  • Backend change to hybrid status/devices view on large tablets


  • Added support for picking a license file to upload from within the license info view
  • Minor UI adjustments and bug fixes
  • Translation updates


  • Minor bug fixes and adjustments
  • Translation updates


  • Combined the status and devices view on large tablets
  • Added support for modifying multiple items at once via multiselect action modes
  • Added high resolution versions of all icons
  • Adjustments for tablets
  • Reworked the backend to eliminate some rare bugs
  • Added support for changing the order of tabs
  • Fixed the theme not being applied to the online sources re-order view
  • Translation updates
  • Library updates


  • Sizing, spacing and layout adjustments, especially for tablets
  • Added a new Light theme
  • Added higher resolution versions of some icons/logos
  • Added enhanced notifications for JB
  • Fixed excess white space on results
  • Fixed oversized advanced action item when searching
  • Fixed button bars on HC+ not animating when clicked
  • Fixed having to press back multiple times to exit the app in some cases
  • Lots of other minor UI adjustments
  • Updated libraries


  • Fixed incorrect number of online sources when searching using '*'
  • Better handling of extra white space in online sources from
  • Updated libraries


  • Added support for Serviio 1.0.1


  • Added support for typing '*' in the ServiiDB search box to match all files against the current filters
  • Added a warning that you should backup your license file when uploading a Serviio Pro license file from an email link
  • Adjustments to the license info view
  • Minor update to the app icon


  • Added support for uploading a Serviio Pro license file. Click on the link in your license email, or your downloaded license file, select ServiiDroid and pick the server you want to upload it to.
  • Adjusted the connection timeout to prevent endless loading dialogs in some cases


  • Fixed FC when resuming into a edit item activity after being killed by the OS


  • Removed the warning when connecting to a Serviio 1.0 server for the first time
  • Added an option to display details about the current server for the title
  • Added partial translations for Spanish and Polish (Poland)
  • Updated ABS to 4.1


  • Fixed #55: ICS Force Close


  • Fixed duplicate new files notification
  • Fixed FC when trying to connect to an old and unsupported beta server


  • Translation updates
  • Added [Serviio 1.0] Additional access groups are shown in the shared folders and online sources list views


  • Translation updates
  • Fixed FC when setting the access groups when creating a new shared folder or online source
  • Fixed #66: Duplicate action items when rotating on ICS


  • Fixed #65: New files added displays on two lines
  • Fixed FC if an invalid string is entered into the ServiiDB search box
  • Added [Serviio 1.0] Enable/disable devices
  • Added [Serviio 1.0] Manage access groups
  • Added [Serviio 1.0] Set default quality for the media browser
  • Serviio 1.0 Beta 1 & Beta 2 are no longer supported


  • Added Italian translation - thanks to Gianni
  • Added (untested) workaround for the MEIZU M9 and MX


  • Translation updates
  • Fixed typo


  • Added #63: [ServiiDB] - Save searches
  • Fixed progress dialog dissapearing when rotating while adding an item from ServiiDB to the library
  • ServiiDB API update
  • Minor improvements and fixes
  • Prepared new strings for translation


  • Fixed FC in network change code


  • Added (experimental) support for searching and adding online soruces from - see the ServiiDroid thread for full details. Please report any issues/features to the ServiiDroid thread and add as much content as possiable to
  • Improved new files check scheduling and added #57: Reschedule new files check for when the correct network connection is available
  • Added the new Serviio 1.0 info to advanced


  • Fixed #49: UPnP search library crashes if the user has a device that advertises that it is on https


  • Added support for the new donate key
  • Translation updates


  • Fixed #53: Disconnecting from a server will result in a failed to connect error if a refresh is running
  • Progress spinner is now shown when sending the command to refresh an online source
  • Finished implementing the memory improvement changes started in 1.3
  • Translation updates


  • Fixed FC on metadata settings


  • Fixed #22: Rotating the screen resets the initial load
  • Fixed #38: Progress spinner doesn't get shown after rotating during an update
  • Added #56: Reorder Online Sources - Please read the warning that is shown on first use
  • Added more information to the progress bar shown when loading
  • Minor fixes and memory improvements


  • Fixed force close when pressing the 'New item' action item moments before the status view is shown.


  • Added WAKE_LOCK permission to hopefully fix #54: FC when trying to show a notification on ADR6350 running 2.3.4


  • Silently catch exceptions from showing notifications until I work out what is causing them


  • Added French translation - thanks to tempo
  • Added #51: Show the item name as the title for context menus when long clicking lists
  • Added #48: Improve how disabled online soruces are displayed
  • Updated ActionBarSherklock - includes improved Action Bar layout/sizing on Android 2.X tablets
  • Moved 'New item' menu item to the Action Bar
  • Pressing 'Cancel' while sending a change to the server now kills the associate network connection instantly
  • Fixed #30: Rotating the screen when modifying server settings resets them
  • Fixed the new files checker causing the UI to become unresponsive in some cases
  • Fixed #52: Profile code should support strings as well as integers for the IDs
  • Fixes for some very rare force closes
  • Internal restructuring to aid future improvements
  • Minor adjustments


  • Fixed #44: New items that fail to save the first time because of a network or syntax error result in duplicates or refuse to save


  • Fixed #43: New [device|shared folder|online source] menu items aren't being shown
  • Fixed #42: Race condition when switching servers if auto-refresh is on


  • Fixed #40 Progress spinner doesn't show in landscape mode on LDPI devices


  • Finally fixed force close after resuming into a sub-activity
  • Added German translation - thanks to Deto
  • Added the ActionBar (In the future i'll start to use some of the more advanced features)
  • Removed compatibility fixes for 3.0+
  • Truncate long urls to 2 lines in the online sources view
  • Added folder/network folder display icon to shared folders view
  • Adjusted server selection view when there are no servers


  • Lots of fixes for rare force closes
  • Added protection against double moddifications
  • Added protection against data changing while editing an item
  • Old network connections are shutdown when switching servers
  • Translation updates


  • Fixed #36: Changing the profile of existing devices doesn't work
  • Attempted to fix some rare force closes


  • Fixed some spelling mistakes
  • Added Hungarian (Hungary) translation - thanks to mavika
  • Small bug fixes


  • Improved notification controls
  • Fixed a few more rare force closes
  • Added Czech (Czech Republic) translation - thanks to hans
  • Updated Portuguese (Portugal) translation - thanks to voodooo


  • Added notifications when Serviio finds new files - this a bit rough (need to improve the controls) however I wanted to get the fixes noted below out now
  • Hopefully fixed force close on some Android 2.2 where the system's copy of GSON stopped mine from being used
  • Fixed force close when rapidly switching between servers
  • Fixed force close when app is left in one of the edit activities (e.g. Edit Device) and then resumes after the main server data has been killed by the OS
  • Adjusted status view to try and always keep the force refresh button visiable when the newest file is being displayed (480x800 devices)
  • Added VIBRATE preference for the file notifications


A minor UI update to help test how long market updates take to reach devices

  • Updated main ServiiDroid text logo
  • Added radio button back to the device profile selector on Android 3.0+
  • Switched Save/Cancel buttons on Android 4.0+ to match system ordering
  • Added the OK button back to the About view


  • Now available on the Android Market
  • Rebranded app to ServiiDroid
  • Fixed #29: GSON fails to parse data when it normally always works
  • Fixed crash on Android 2.1/2.2 when saving information such as 'ignore this version' when a server update is avilable
  • Hopefully fixed #31 App crashing during server initialisation because the server data is incorrect
  • Added some extra error detecting when fetching data
  • Added #32 Show the last added file on the status view
  • Removed bitbucket based update code
  • Removed installation reporting
  • Fixed some typo's and cleaned up strings
  • Added Portuguese (Portugal) translation - thanks to voodooo
  • Added Dutch translation - thanks to Northguy
  • Fixed some layout issues due to translated strings having different lengths
  • Removed unused resources
  • Lots of little performance tweaks to layouts
  • The app now uses the Holographic theme when running on Android 3.0 and above
  • Updated version checking (this shouldn't change anything on the user side)
  • Moved to having a core library project to enable multiple versions via the market at a later date (e.g. free/donate, stable/testing, phone/tablet etc)
  • Updated ACRA to 4.3-SNAPSHOT as it supports being included in a library project