Privacy Policy

ServiiGo uses Google Analytics, Google Mobile Ads, and Crashlytics which may collect information about your device, your Serviio server (e.g. which version), used features, browsing categories (e.g. Video->Movies), and if there is a problem when parsing a response that the server sent back, the server response (which may contain information about your media in the folder you were browsing)

This data is used to maintain and improve ServiiGo for you and others and help with the development of new features.

Detailed information about how Google handles the collected data can be found in their privacy policy and Google Analytics Privacy Overview. Information for Google Mobile Ads can be found in their privacy policy. Information for Crashlytics can be found in their privacy policy.

Opt out of Google Analytics

You may opt out of Google Analytics by doing the following:

  1. Touch Menu
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Scroll down to Advanced
  4. Touch Google Analytics to disable tracking



If you contact me (e.g. via Email, Serviio Forum, BitBucket), I may keep a record of your communications to help solve any issues you might be facing. I may also use your email address or contact details to inform you about ServiiGo, such as letting you know about upcoming changes or improvements.


App Permisions

ServiiGo uses the following permisions.

Full network access

ServiiGo needs network access to be able to communicate with your Serviio server, for Analytics, Crash reporting and Ads, and to download optional online metadata.

View Wi-Fi connections
Allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception
View network connections

ServiiGo can can automatically find and configure access to your Serviio server provided you have an active Wi-Fi connection. These permissions are required to check for Wi-Fi and enter multicast discovery mode.

Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
Test access to protected storage

ServiiGo caches images and music on your external storage to speed up browsing and music playback.

Prevent phone from sleeping

ServiiGo needs to ensure your device does not go to sleep while playing/downloading music when the app is in the background.

Set wallpaper

ServiiGo has a feature that lets you directly set an image as your devices wallpaper