Do I need to have Serviio installed to use this app

Yes. You must have Serviio installed. See for more information.


Is ServiiDroid affiliated with Serviio

ServiiDroid uses Serviio’s REST API, but is not affiliated with Serviio in any way.


Which ports do I need to have open to use ServiiDroid

The machine running Serviio must have port 23423 open.
If you wish to use ServiiDroid over 3G, you will also need to forward this port from your router.


Which versions of Serviio does ServiiDroid support

ServiiDroid currently has full support for Serviio 0.6 -> 1.5


What happens when a new version of Serviio is released

Small updates such as 0.6.0 to should not cause a problem and will not require an update. Larger updates such as 0.6.0 to 0.6.1 that introduce new features will most likely require an update. This will come in two phases, limited support and full support.

  • Limited support: ServiiDroid works with a particular version but does not support any new features of that version.
  • Full support: ServiiDroid works with a particular version and supports all its features.
I will aim to have limited support and hopefully full support for new versions of Serviio ready by the time they are officially released, however this might not always be possible.


I’ve made a change using ServiiDroid but it is not showing up in the Serviio console

Once the Serviio console has started up, it will not update with changes made by third party tools and apps such as ServiiDroid.

In order to see any changes, you will need to exit the console and reopen it.

On windows this requires right clicking on the Serviio console icon in the notification area at the bottom right hand corner of your screen (near the clock) and selecting ‘Exit Serviio console’. You can then start the console from the start menu.


Data collection policy

Crash Reports

Due to the range of Android devices out there, its impossible to fully test the app. In order to fix bugs, when ever the app crashes it automatically (provided you have an active internet connection) sends a crash report.

Crash repots contain informatino such as: App version, Android version, phone make and model, server version, stack trace, and if its related to a communication error, the response that the server sent back.