Which version/edition of Serviio does ServiiGo require

ServiiGo requires the paid version of Serviio, Serviio PRO v1.5 or greater. You will get a free 15 day evaluation license for Serviio PRO during which time you can evaluate Serviio PRO and ServiiGo. After that period you will need to purchase a Serviio PRO license as the API that ServiiGo uses is only available in the PRO edition of Serviio.


Is ServiiGo affiliated with Serviio

ServiiGo uses Serviio’s CDS REST API, but is not affiliated with Serviio in any way.


I can't see any media when connected to a Serviio 2.x server

If you are using Serviio 2.x you must assign the user to the shared folders and online sources that you want to access using the Serviio Console/ServiiDroid


Which ports do I need to have open to use ServiiGo

The machine running Serviio must have port 23424 open.


What do I need to do to use ServiiGo away from home

You will need to forward port 23424 from your router to the machine running Serviio and setup a 'dynamic dns' using a free service such as or

For more information see the setup guide for MediaBrowser on here.

By default you do not need to enter a port in the address box as ServiiGo will automaitcally connect to port 23424. You can change the port if you want though. For example, if you wanted to connect to port '12345' and you had '' setup, you should enter '' in the address box in ServiiGo.


What do I need to do to watch videos using ServiiGo

Video playback under 'Original' quality is handled by 3rd party video players.
In most cases the stock video app will not work, or will not work for all qualities. In this case you will need to install another one.
The following apps are known to work (* indicates subtitle support):

  • MX Player*
  • MoboPlayer
  • VPlayer

With the default 'Enhanced' profile you can playback 'Medium/Low' quality videos in an internal player which has full support for seeking and subtitles. If you have a low power CPU in your server (or if ffmpeg is not compiled with libx264) then you will have to use the 'Standard' profile and then playback will be handled using a 3rd party video player which will mean seeking won't be possible.


When I watch videos away from home, my video player is constantly buffering

Video playback requies a fast upload speed at your home, as well as fast download speed for your mobile device. If 'Original' quality does not work very well, you can try either 'Medium' which requires 1Mbps, or 'Low' which requires 0.5Mbps.