• Added full support for Serviio 1.5
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated libraries and build tools
  • Fixed crash in the Add Server Activity


  • Added support for Access Groups (Serviio 1.5+) (#79)
  • Always hide empty folders
  • Require Serviio 1.3+ when running on a TV/STB device
  • Generic TV/STB devices can now use the Google TV profile
  • Default to Original quality for TV/STB devices
  • Select the video player based on mime types rather than profile ids
  • Further performance improvements
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated libraries and build tools
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Improved loading of very large folders
  • Added a button to the notification to stop the Music Player (Android 4.0+) (#88)
  • Workaround a crash in the Music Player when running under BlueStacks
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Updated translations
  • Updated Google Play Services to 5.0
  • Updated Android Support Library to revision 20


  • Fixed crash when adding a server on Nexus 10 running Android 4.4.4
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Response caching now supports very large folders
  • Various performance improvements to parsing responses and loading from cache
  • Show a message rather than a 'Force Close' dialog whenever the app crashes (as was done prior to 4.0)
  • Don't show an ActionBar subtitle when loading folders of unknown size
  • Fixed some bugs on Android L preview
  • Updated ListViewAnimations
  • Updated build tools


  • Fixed crash when trying to playback certain online audio feeds


  • Fixed failure to migrate server settings when upgrading from pre 3.1
  • Fixed the Image Viewer on Gingerbread
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs
  • Updated build tools


  • Requires Android 2.3.3+
  • Improved resume support by automatically re-connecting and browsing to the last used folder
  • Improved intial connection speed by re-using authentication tokens on Serviio 1.4.1+ (#77)
  • Updated App icon and Themes
  • Improved loading and error screens
  • Updated action icons including XXHDPI assets
  • Experimental Google TV support
  • New inline mini player for controlling the Music Player
  • Share images from the Image Viewer
  • Show low res thumbnails during load in the Image Viewer (#85)
  • Added integration with SeriesGuide (requires SeriesGuide 13 and Android 3.0+)
    • Act as a SeriesGuide extension to link from SeriesGuide's episode view to ServiiGo
    • Added an action item to view an episodes/series in SeriesGuide from ServiiGo (Donate version only)
  • Not having an available connection no longer stops data being loaded from the response cache
  • Failing to download the current track in the Music Player no longer shuts down the Music Player
  • Changed image loading implementation to use Picasso
  • Improved error messages for network related issues
  • Force the screen to stay on in the Video Player
  • Added support for playing back non-mp3 files natively (requires profile change to be activated)
  • Improved performance of Music Player widget and notification updates
  • Nicer large style Music Player widget (now requires Android 3.0+)
  • Fixed the Music Player widgets controls on Android 4.4+
  • Changed the ActionBar implementation for legacy devices from ActionBarSherlock to AppCompat
  • Added a Changelog on startup for beta testers (#75)
  • Fixed display of artist and albums that contain '-'
  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Added Google Play Services 4.4
  • Replaced standalone AdMob SDK with AdMob from GPS
  • Replaced standalone Analytics SDK with Analytics from GPS
  • Added ButterKnife
  • Added Otto
  • Added Picasso
  • Updated PhotoView


  • Fixed crash when trying to read very large folders
  • Fixed tracks not advancing in the Music Player on some devices
  • Fixed controls not auto hiding in the Video Player when playing back a video that takes a long time to buffer
  • Fixed rare crash in Video Player
  • Fixed Video Player not exiting on completion on Google TVs
  • Added Romanian translation


  • Added support for Serviio 1.4
  • Improved performance by caching responses (#69, #76)
  • Improved Music Player
    • Reduced delay between tracks
    • Added drag and drop re-arranging of the playlist
    • Updated Phone UI to match Tablet verion
  • Added an option to sort Images by Date or Title (#64)
  • Removed view options that don't work properly under Serviio 1.2
    • Browse Artists/Album Artists as grids of artwork
    • Browse Series as grids of posters
  • Jump to a specific position in the Music and Video players (#72)
  • Improved audio cache cleaning on devices that do not update the last modified time of files
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Built against Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Updated libraries (#74)


  • Fixed manual setup when using 'IP Address:Custom Port' format
  • Improved buffering detection in the internal video player
  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Updated translations


  • Improved first run/add server experience
  • Support for multiple servers (#13)
  • Automatic cache cleanup for old servers (includes server side upgrades)
  • Replaced server discovery with smaller and more reliable implementation
  • Fixed discovering servers when the device has a non-generic DLNA profile set in the console
  • Default to the light theme for non-TV devices
  • Only show about info as a dialog on large devices
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed showing the correct message when trying to connect to an unsupported legacy server
  • Fixed resuming playback in the internal video player at the correct position after an error
  • Fixed crash when playing back some unrecognised music (missing ID3 tags) found via search
  • Fixed some other rare crashes


  • Fixed failure to load/black screen crash on TV/STB devices e.g. MX1 Android Stick
  • Added error checking/logging to help track down a crash in the music player
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Fixed connecting to a server with an evaluation license


  • Improved parsing of non-standard subtitle files
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Updated translations


  • Updated for Serviio 1.3
    • Quickly search for content (#47)
    • Internal video player that supports seeking under Medium/Low quality when using the new Enhanced profile (Android 4.0+)
    • Higher resolution thumbnails and images (Standard/Enhanced profile)
    • Folder thumbnails
    • New audio browsing categories
  • Scrobble tracks to via Simple Scrobbler (#50) (Donate only)
  • Updated Music Player UI for large devices
  • Switch between thumbnails and details for certain views (#42) (#11)
  • Improved handling of remote controls/keyboards (#51)
  • Optimised some layouts for large devices without touchscreens
  • Navigate to the series form the episode details view (#48)
  • Improved quality of images loaded from cache
  • Lots of performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Updated libraries
  • Updated translations


  • Added support for rendering HTML tags in video descriptions provided by .nfo files
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated translations


  • Add support for Self-Signed certificates (requires a compatible video player such as MX Player)
  • Fixed duration showing for live audio streams


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Removed support for Serviio 1.1, minimum version is now 1.2
  • Added a custom expanded notifcation (JB+)
  • Improved handling of server restarts by automatically starting a new session (#53)
  • Switched to TMDb API v3
  • Added support for SSL (Requires Apache/Stunnel etc... to proxy requests, a signed certificate, and enabling via Menu->Settings->Advanced->Extra connection options)
  • Improved handling of connection problems/server errors
  • Updated Drawer (slide out menu) to match new design guidelines
  • Lots of other internal improvements/optimisations/fixes
  • Added the clientId parameter needed to allow Serviio to re-use transcoding jobs when the device IP address changes
  • Updated translations
  • Updated libraries


  • Fixed crash when sending a play command via widget or remote control when the playlist is empty
  • Updated translations


  • Improved Music Player:
    • Fixed stuttering on certain devices when playing back partially downloaded files
    • Added repeat and shuffle options (#35)
    • Optimised playback of cached files
    • Fixed playback of single live streams
    • Fixed seeking of transcoded files once they have been fully downloaded
    • Disabled seeking of partially downloaded files
  • Added support for setting default quality for videos (#51)
  • Fixed loading of very large video folders
  • Fixed online metadata not being saved for movies with ' in the title and no IMDB/TMDB IDs
  • Fixed high res album art not being displayed when browsing via Folders
  • Fixed audio playback when either Artist or Album has trailing whitespace
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated libraries


  • Minor fix to image loading


  • Minor fix for non live videos with no duration


  • Removed support for Serviio 1.0/1.0.1, minimum version is now 1.1
  • Added support for Serviio 1.2
  • Improved setup experience by automatically finding servers and setting then up for Wi-Fi access
  • Improved help over setting up remote access
  • Improved cache management for Serviio 1.2+ servers
  • Improved error messages and made it clearer that a Serviio Pro licence is required to use the app
  • Improved display of files/folders with long names
  • Fixed detection of authentication errors in the music player on JB+
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated libraries
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed crash on the album view on pre-ICS devices
  • Fixed crash when fetching online metadata for tv shows without genre or actor info
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed playback of live video streams
  • Fixed viewing videos inside folders with a mix of folders and videos


  • Fixed crash in Image Slideshow


  • TheTVDB integration for additional metadata for your tv shows (#30) (Donate version only)
  • High-res album art is extracted from music once it has been fully downloaded (Android 2.3.3 and up) (Donate version only)
  • Improved image slideshow (more responsive controls (#27), lower memory use and better prefetching)
  • Re-worked navigation via a slide out menu (G+/YouTube style)
  • UI adjustments to video view including swipe left/right to change between videos
  • Re-designed artist and album artist browsing experience using grids of artwork and added support for playing/queuing albums via long click
  • Performance and memory optimisations to the image manager
  • Unique icons for containers (#25)
  • Lots of bug fixes, performance optimisations and UI adjustments
  • Updated libraries and added Google Analytics
  • Updated translations


  • Fixed FC when playing back music when the audio cache contained very old files


  • New app icon


  • Added drop down list navigation for quick navigation back to top level folders
  • Fixed not being able to play back music with forward slashes in the title
  • Fixed the new theme not being applied until after loggin out and back in again on <HC
  • Added detection of missing locale information during login
  • Updated libraries


  • Fixed FC on some devices due to Android recycling bitmaps after using them for lockscreen artwork


  • New custom Music Player backend (#17) - benifits include:
    • Caches music on the device for reduced data and battery usage (#3) (Free version is limited to 128MB)
    • Pre-fetches the next track for reduced delay between tracks
    • Fixes lockups under JB (#37)
    • Fixes certain files that would not play
    • Adds support for transcoded audio (Requies yet to be released Serviio 1.1)
    • Improved error handling
  • Updated the Dark theme and added a new Light theme
  • Bug fixes and layout adjustments
  • Translation updates
  • Library updates


  • Added Music Player widgets (Donate version only)
  • Added the ability to set an image as the wallpaper (#6) and the required SET_WALLPAPER permission (Donate version only)
  • Added support for updating online metadata (#32)
  • Changed the default behaviour when clicking on a track to add the whole folder to the playlist and start playback at the selected track
  • Adjusted the side bar on tablets and added options for controlling when it is shown
  • Fixed play/queue actions showing when the folder hadn't loaded yet
  • Adjustments to video view include IMDb rating as a number on tablets (#21)
  • Added visual feedback when using Music Player buttons (#31)
  • Adjustments to browsing videos
  • Dim on screen controls in the image slideshow
  • Lots of other minor fixes and adjustments
  • Added Icelandic (Iceland) translation - thank you!


  • Minor adjustments to the video view in portait mode on wide tablets running HC+


  • Switched to using grids when browsing for better use of horizontal space
  • Adjusted video browsing to show larger thumbnails
  • Added lock screen audio controls on ICS+
  • Added expandable notifications on JB+ and updated notification icons for all platforms
  • Added performance optimisations for smoother scrolling on older devices and enabled fast scrolling for folders with lots of content
  • Added icons for top level folders
  • Increased the size of cover art in the Music Player on tablets in portrait
  • Fixed FC on JB due to bitmaps being silently recycled by the OS
  • Fixed the playlist not updating on tablets in some cases
  • Fixed not being able to use back to exit on tablets
  • Lots of other small bug fixes, performance optimisations, and layout adjustments
  • Added Czech (Czech Republic) translation and updated other translations - thank you!
  • Updated libraries


  • Fixed FC in the music player when listening to live streams
  • Improved display of live streams in the audio views


  • Display the actual video title in MX Player, rather than the url
  • Fixed FC in the music player due to unexpected playback state


  • Fixed FC when shutting down the Music Player after leaving it paused for a long time
  • Added protection against the user entering 'http://', 'https://' or '/mediabrowser' into the address field
  • Added support for custom ports using the following format ''


  • Fixed FC on Honeycomb tablets in the Music Player